Sports halls for dozens of sports, a quick return on your investment

Year-round use with maximum comfort

Prefabricated halls of aluminum-textile construction guarantee top playing conditions compared to those of typical permanent or inflatable halls. Imagine the comfort of playing indoors during summer rains…all possible because of sliding side covers! A special high UV filter surface prevents a greenhouse effect so that playing conditions are even better than those under direct sun. If you add low purchase costs and energy savings, Svitap halls are an excellent choice.

Svitap Halls for all needs

Our sports halls are suitable for many sports, especially for tennis, soccer/football, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton and for other multi-purpose uses including horseback riding. Additional modules can be added for communal areas, washrooms, grandstand seating and entranceways.

Construction takes only three weeks

Polygonal supporting construction is made of eloxal-coated aluminium sections with joints made of galvanized steel. Column anchors are fitted to plates pre-embedded in strip foundations (usually concrete base). Roofing is made of a single or double membrane with thermal insulation so that the construction conforms to the technical specifications of a given jurisdiction. Once the foundation is ready and depending on the cover selection (size and quality), the installation takes about 1 - 3 weeks.

Dimensions and Spans of a Hall

Svitap halls can be custom-made according to your needs. A tennis hall's standard spans of 18 or 36 meters as well as atypical spans for up to 40 meters can be accomodated. A one-court tennis hall floor of 18m x 36m with a 9,2, m ridge is in compiance with the ITF. In a 36-meter span, the orientation of the lengths of the modules is in parallel and the tennis courts are built according to desired number required. A two-court tennis hall's size is 36m x 36m, a three-court hall's size is 36m x 54m and so on. A ridge of about 11m and the size of the tennis hall are in compliance with the ITF

Cover options

Adjustable siding - complete or partial opening - allows adjustment of heating to seasonal needs.

Cover of insulated halls comes in different types: permanent insulated folded cover, sandwich panel or aluminum/glass opening walls.

Sports hall may be heated only when in use

Infra-red radiant heating and heating by electric or gas heaters (suspended from ceiling) are ideal ways of heating areas that are in use. For more information on annual energy consumption please refer to the table.

Return on investment in 5 years

An insulated 18m x 36m tennis hall, used optimally, can bring return on investement in five to six years. Multi-court facilities have lower investment costs and higher revenue due to better commercial use, tournaments, summer tennis schools and such.

Very economical use of lighting

Non-insulated halls, such as riding halls, do not need lighting for most of the day due to high light transmittance through a double membrane of the roof. This is a significant cost saving.

Our standard types:

SPORTS HALL 18 x 36 m

SPORTS HALL 25 x 46 m

SPORTS HALL 36 x 62 m

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  • Low-cost solution
  • Low energy consumption
  • Year-round comfort
  • Quick return on investement
  • Adjustable cover and heating
  • Movable siding
  • Exceptional durability