Energy use of prefabricated halls can be very economical

The calculated outdoor temperature -15C, the calculated indoor temperature +16C, the middle temperature of the air outdoors 4,6C, 246 heating days, the operation of 14 hours daily, the radiant heating, the minimal efficiency of the heating system 85%, the fuel is natural gas with a heating capacity of 35,8 MJ/m3.

The insulation option 1: The thermal insulation ABA between two membranes, without any air gap, the heat transfer coefficient is U = 1,8W/m2K

FLOOR SIZE (m) Energy rate (kW) Annual energy consumption (kWh) Annual natural gas consumption (m3)
18 x 36 124 205 273 20 642
25 x 45 214 354 977 35 696
36 x 36 230 379 690 38 181
36 x 54 323 528 632 53 158

The insulation option 2: The thermal insulation ANTARKTIK inserted seperately between two membranes, the double sided air gap, the heat transfer coefficient is U = 0,39W/m2K

FLOOR SIZE (m) Energy rate (kW) Annual energy consumption (kWh) Annual natural gas consumption (m3)
18 x 36 64 95 904 9 644
25 x 45 115 174 193 17 513
36 x 36 126 189 385 19 044
36 x 54 182 269 000 27 050

Cover options

Adjustable siding - complete or partial opening - allows adjustment of heating to seasonal needs.

Cover of insulated halls comes in different types: permanent insulated folded cover, sandwich panel or aluminum/glass opening walls.

Sports hall may be heated only when in use

Infra-red radiant heating and heating by electric or gas heaters (suspended from ceiling) are ideal ways of heating areas that are in use. For more information on annual energy consumption please refer to the table.

Return on investment in 5 years

An insulated 18m x 36m tennis hall, used optimally, can bring return on investement in five to six years. Multi-court facilities have lower investment costs and higher revenue due to better commercial use, tournaments, summer tennis schools and such.

Very economical use of lighting

Non-insulated halls, such as riding halls, do not need lighting for most of the day due to high light transmittance through a double membrane of the roof. This is a significant cost saving.

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  • Low-cost solution
  • Low energy consumption
  • Year-round comfort
  • Quick return on investement
  • Adjustable cover and heating
  • Movable siding
  • Exceptional durability