Svitap Prefabricated Sports Halls: top of the class

A sports hall can be used with maximum comfort all-year-round. We offer prefabricated halls of aluminum-textile construction in combination with an adjustable cover and heating. Halls are very economical and have distinct advantages over classic permanent or inflatable halls.

Sports Hall SVITAP The biggest advantage is a low purchase cost. The sports hall offers a very comforable environment year-round. During warm seasons, the hall can be run with the siding opened which allows an outdoor view. A very good energy balance during winter operation means low heating and low energy costs which make for a quicker return on investment.

In winter, there is no need for permanent heating, ventilating or inflating of a hall; heating is only needed when a hall is in use. In summer, physical properties of the synthetic membrane - especially its surface with a high UV filter- prevent a greenhouse effect so that conditions are even better than those of playing under direct sun.

Sports Hall SVITAP Halls can be used for many sports, mainly for tennis, football/soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton and for other multi-purpose use including horseback riding. Additional modules can be added for communal areas, washrooms, grandstand seating and entranceways.

We offer standard sized halls but can also custom-make to any size you need.

Our standard types:

SPORTS HALL 18 x 36 m

SPORTS HALL 25 x 46 m

SPORTS HALL 36 x 62 m

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  • Low-cost solution
  • Low energy consumption
  • Year-round comfort
  • Quick return on investement
  • Adjustable cover and heating
  • Movable siding
  • Exceptional durability